Dormitory and Shelter


Dormitory and Accommodation

In addition to improving the quality of education, our university also aims to provide better housing facilities for our students. Within this framework, considering the physical condition, capacity and access to education units, some of the designated buildings were rented and built as dormitories by the Credit Dormitories Institution. As of today, 450 capacity dormitories for girls and 450 capacity dormitories for boys are in service within the Credit and Dormitories Institution in Şırnak city center. Yet again, in the center of Şırnak, there are many private dormitories, guest houses belonging to public institutions, hotels, apartments and private apartments that can be rented in favorable conditions to meet the housing needs of our students. To date, none of our students who have received education in Şırnak city center or districts have faced serious problems by means of housing.

In addition to these, taking into consideration the rapidly increasing student capacity of the University, priority has been given to the construction of dormitories where a large number of female and male students can accommodate in the Campus Area, and construction of new dormitories has been initiated.


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