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Consultancy Services

Academic and psychological counselling services are provided for our students in our university. The administrative staff of the Health, Culture and Sports department and Student Affairs Office are responsible for assisting the student in all matters alongside the personnel in their departments. Students can visit these units during working hours and provide information on procedures and resources. In addition, students can contact the relevant department when they have questions about training programs and practice. Academic Counselling ensures that every new student has academic contact with the registered department. However, the first person the student will consult is the academic advisor. The relevant counsellors can help students in all matters. Each academic staff has students to whom they advise. The Student Advisor checks the course registrations at the beginning of each semester depending on their academic success so that students do not have problems with the courses they register. If the student fails the courses he / she took in the previous year, the advisor recommends which courses to choose and which ones to drop when registering for the new semester. Schooling and other related issues, problems and solutions are discussed with them. Academic Counselling is required for all kinds of decisions and decisions related to the subjects that the student will consult except course selection, internship and department courses. The student is also free to apply to any other counsellor. Our university also provides psychological guidance and counseling services to its students if they need them.





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