Our Values

Values and Ethical Principles

Our Core Values

● Transparency

● Freedom

● Originality

● Justice and Equality

● Scientificness

● Universality

● Innovation

● Commitment to Ethical Values

● Sharing and Participation

● Quality Orientation

● Sensitivity to Region, Country, and World Issues

● Respect for Human Rights and the Environment


Our Ethical Principles 

● Respect for Public Rights in Human Relations, Care for Goodwill and Prestige 

● Avoidance of All Forms of Discrimination such as Gender, Religion, Sect, Race, and Ethnicity 

● Providing a Free Discussion Environment in Every Field in University

● Respecting Personal and Intellectual Rights in University Activities

● Supporting the Scientific Development Process Under Any Circumstance

● Behaving within the Framework of Respect and Courtesy Rules in All Relationships

● Informing the Partners within the Framework of Right to Get Information

● Use of University Resources on Time, Place, and in Accordance with the Objectives Efficiently 

● Working Continuously to Improve the Performance in Every Field of Our University

● Following the Current Laws in All Processes Related to Our University

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