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The emblem consists of T. C. ŞIRNAK ÜNİVERSİTESİ and 2008 letterings, Fire of Science, Noah's Ark, Mount Cudi and the Tigris. The lettering ‘T.C. ŞIRNAK ÜNİVERSİTESİ refers to the name of our university and ‘2008’ refers to the year our university was founded. The Fire of Science symbolizes enlightenment and civilization. Noah's Ark symbolizes a sense of trust and engagement. Mount Cudi symbolizes enlightenment and the level of civilization. The Tigris symbolizes strength, stability, continuity and diligence. The Whirling Dervish, seen when the symbols of fire of science, Noah's Ark, Mount Cudi and Tigris River are considered together, symbolizes universality.


White color used as interior circle backdrop in our logo represents simplicity, cleanliness and transparency. Navy blue used in the big circle represent respectability and trust. The Red colour in the Fire of Science symbol represents attention, determination and passion. The orange colour used in the symbol of Noah's Ark symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, innovation and creativity. The green colour used in the Cudi Mountain symbol is used to emphasize harmony, naturalness and vitality.



Logomuzun Renk Değerleri

Hz.Nuh'un Gemisi F7841D
Bilim Ateşi  E71D22
Cudi Dağı  00d600
Dicle Nehri  00319C
Arka Fon ve Logo Yazıları  F2F4F8
Halkalar  0031A5
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JPG Amblem 800 x 571 254
PNG Amblem 800 x 571 196
PDF Amblem   616

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